Ep. 19: Vitals Tracking Data – Dennis Zhang (CEO VitaData)

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Ep. 19: Vitals Tracking Data – Dennis Zhang (CEO VitaData)

In this episode, I speak with Dennis Zhang, co-fo…
November 26, 2018

Ep. 19: Vitals Tracking Data – Dennis Zhang (CEO VitaData)

In this episode, I speak with Dennis Zhang, co-founder and CEO of Boston based VitaData. He’s their token economics architect and talked to us about how vitals data, like heart rate and movement can be shared for monetary compensation. He has a PhD in Economics and worked as a Vice president State Street Bank. Graduated from Boston University with a Ph.D. in Economics. With 10 years of experience in quantitative data analysis and risk management, he served as a Vice President of State Street Bank. He won the first place in the JD Artificial Intelligence FinTech Competition.


Show Notes
• How did you get into Healthcare from finance and economics?
• Clinical Research patient recruitment problems
• 1/3 of clinical trials budget is dedicated to finding patients
• Recruiting patients with a licensed clinical trials operator in order for multi-site research settings generate data from a diverse population
• Tracking data from wearable devices on the blockchain
• Starting the company at the MIT Bitcoin Club Hackathon
• Better sensors allow people to collect more precise heart rate, oxygen levels, movements, etc.
• VitaData wants to be datasharing platform that can give permissions to others to access the data
• Data owners and Data users
• Data privacy & Encryption security
• Identity verification and devices can only be bound to a single user by design
• Symmetric and asymmetric data encryption
• Payment to data owners for sharing their information
• Blockstack – Data owners can choose different data storage methods for their own data, such as Dropbox, Google Drive, and more.
• Proof of Diligence, Proof of Neutrality, Proof of Efficiency
• Nebulas vs. Ethereum (NRC20 and ERC20 tokens)
• VDT function and utility – measures the value of the data you generate in the network
• Technical Challenges
• Economics – how do you make money? Earn VDT token by sharing your data
• Smart Contracts for trials
• Dynamic Tokenomics
• Customers – adoption challenges and traction
• Token Sale / ICO
• Roadmap
• Usefulness of Big Data
• Recap of VitaData

Blockchain and Healthcare – Udemy Online course

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