Suzanne Munson | Lube & Your Vaginal Health

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Suzanne Munson | Lube & Your Vaginal Health

June 22, 2020

Suzanne Munson | Lube & Your Vaginal Health

Hear from Suzanne Munson on lube and your vaginal health. Many women don’t understand even the basics about how their bodies work or what is normal. This is an interview between Fempower Health founder, Georgie Kovacs, and Suzanne Munson of Fairhaven Health

They discuss:

  • What is a health pH for the vagina?
  • What is normal lubrication?
  • What are the consequences when vaginal health is compromised?
  • How can you address vaginal health issues?
  • What changes occur in the vagina during menopause?

Talking through the big picture of vaginal health, they go over the contributing elements to vaginal issues, hormones and the best choices for lubricants.

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