Season 3 Takeaways from Hosting a Women’s Health Podcast | Georgie Kovacs

Fempower Health

Season 3 Takeaways from Hosting a Women’s Health Podcast | Georgie Kovacs

On season 3 of Fempower Health, we had real, research-backed conversations with experts. Listen as Georgie shares her closing thoughts from hosting a women’s health podcast.
December 13, 2022

Season 3 Takeaways from Hosting a Women’s Health Podcast | Georgie Kovacs

2022 was a big year for women’s health, and we’ve certainly come a long way in the past five years! But there’s still much more to do in the world of women’s healthcare.

In this episode, Georgie Kovacs of Fempower Health reflects on season 3 of the podcast. She shares what it’s been like on the journey from infertility to motherhood to menopause, and what she looks forward to regarding women’s health innovation. She highlights some of the top guest interviews from 2022 and leaves with how we can all be better health advocates. 

Discussed in this episode:

  • Georgie’s experience entering post-menopause 
  • Highlights from the 2022 Women’s Health Innovation Summit
  • Upcoming FemTech developments that will improve women’s health 
  • How biopharma digital health companies can improve the healthcare industry 
  • Concerns about celebrities raising awareness to sell products
  • Trends that are impacting women’s healthcare experts 
  • How hosting the podcast helps Georgie stay informed about important women’s health topics

“Right now with women’s health, we don’t need another period tracking app or skin cream. What we really need is to solve the root of the problem.”  – Georgie Kovacs

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