An Innovation for Predicting Pregnancy Complications | Dr. Michal Elovitz

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An Innovation for Predicting Pregnancy Complications | Dr. Michal Elovitz

August 23, 2022

An Innovation for Predicting Pregnancy Complications | Dr. Michal Elovitz

Dr. Michal Elovitz is a physician-scientist with a demonstrated history of research success from the bench to the bedside. She is a successful mentor promoting physician-scientists in women’s health research. She also founded and directed the Womxn’s Health Collaborative. Strong professional skills in Perinatal Medicine, Molecular Biology, Reproductive Immunology Microbiome, Pregnancy, Healthcare, Biomarkers, Discovery Research, Clinical Research, and Translational Research. 

Despite the U.S. having the highest maternal mortality rate among developed countries, health risks in pregnancy health have remained understudied, underfunded, and underserved. Pregnancy complications such as preeclampsia, preterm birth and gestational diabetes impact 1 in 5 women, and with no accurate way to predict them before symptoms appear, both moms and babies are often in crisis mode when diagnosed in their third trimester.

Dr. Elovitz explains one of those complications, preeclampsia, and explores how better screening can help.

“There has to be silos broken down. If we want to advance women’s health, we need to be partnering. We need to work together if we actually care about changing women’s health.”  Dr Michal Elovitz

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About Dr. Michal E. Elovitz

Michal A. Elovitz, MD is a tenured physician-scientist and the Hilarie L. Morgan and Mitchell L. Morgan President’s Distinguished Professor in Women’s Health at the University of Pennsylvania School of Medicine. Dr. Elovitz brings the clinical and research world together to advance reproductive, pregnancy and women’s health. She has been actively involved in fundamental and translational research for over 20 years. Her research is or has been funded by the March of Dimes, Burroughs Wellcome Fund, National Institute of Child Health and Development, National Institute for Nursing Research, the National Institute of Mental Health and the National Institute for Allergy and Infectious Diseases.

Dr. Elovitz believes strongly in mentoring and sponsoring the next generation of physician-scientists in women’s health. She believes that the future of Women’s Health lies in supporting and integrating physicians and scientists from OBGYN as well as other disciplines. As such, Dr. Elovitz currently mentors students, postdoctoral fellows, clinical fellows and faculty across fields and disciplines. She created the Women for Women (W4W) peer mentoring group for women physicians and scientists to promote retention and productivity. As part of her advocacy, she is one of the co-founders and the current Director of the Womxn’s Health Collaborative which serves to foster and grow diversity and gender and racial equity in women’s health.

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