S3E22 – Raising Capital in the EU

DOCSF – Digital Orthopaedics Conference San Francisco

S3E22 – Raising Capital in the EU

Polina Hanin discusses how joining an accelerator can help you execute your strategy
February 26, 2020

S3E22 – Raising Capital in the EU

In this, Episode 22 of Season 3, our last episode of the season, we bring you a superstar from California’s Silicon Valley. She was portfolio director at Start Up Health where she worked with over 300 companies and 500 entrepreneurs. Her talk on raising capital and running a start up was very well received and a fitting presentation to close out Season 3. Since the taping of the episode, Polina has joined Aequitas Partners, an executive search firm in New York City, but has remained as an advisor to SUH companies. Please join Polina on the Berlin stage of DOCSF!

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