S3E10 – The Outpatient Environment

DOCSF – Digital Orthopaedics Conference San Francisco

S3E10 – The Outpatient Environment

Christopher Schlanger, Darren Sabo, and Daniel Kraft discuss executing strategies in the outpatient setting
February 20, 2020

S3E10 – The Outpatient Environment

On this, Episode 10 of Season 3, we will be focusing on solving problems and executing strategies in the outpatient setting. The theme is “managing patients in the best venue”. That could mean in a virtual venue, at home, at a remote clinic, in the inner city or on a smart device. And what will the advent of 5G and high-speed connectivity mean for delivery platforms? Let’s take a deep dive in the next chapter of digital health delivery because caring for all patients in the most expensive hotels on the planet is not a solution we can afford. We will be hearing from Dr. Christopher Schlanger the Digital Lead for Population Health at the Mercy Health Care system and Darren Sabo the Principal for Emerging Countries for Orange, the European Communications company leading the charge in 5G. Dr. Daniel Kraft the founder and chair of Exponential Medicine will be moderating and you know he’s going to do a great job. Lets join them on the stage at DOCSF.

The Venue:

This conversation was recorded at DOCSF in January 2020, the weekend before #JPM Week in San Francisco. DOCSF is all about the intersection of digital health and musculoskeletal care.

This year, the sessions featured leaders from Microsoft, Google, Mozilla, Amazon and many other amazing organizations, and Dan Kendall interviewed some of the speakers following their sessions on the stage. This special series of episodes features some of the interviews recorded at this annual event. To hear all the sessions on the DOCSF podcast, be sure to subscribe to the DOCSF Podcast here or visit Health Podcast Network.

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