S6: #058: Brennan Spiegel Gets Real About Virtual Reality

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S6: #058: Brennan Spiegel Gets Real About Virtual Reality

Using VR to free patients from their biopsychosocial jail cells
April 3, 2018

S6: #058: Brennan Spiegel Gets Real About Virtual Reality

If you follow the work being done in Virtual Reality (VR) and Augmented Reality (AR) – you probably have already seen the work being done by today’s guest: Dr. Brennan Spiegel. In this episode, Brennan gets real about the applications for virtual reality in healthcare, and what is needed to drive adoption throughout the healthcare system and around the world. Brennan Spiegel is the Director of Health Services Research at Cedars-Sinai Health System. He’s also a Professor of Medicine and Public Health at UCLA, and Co-Chair of the VR/AR Association Digital Health Committee. He has published numerous best-selling medical textbooks and has more than 170 articles in peer-reviewed journals. His work has been featured in Bloomberg, Forbes, Huffington Post, LA Times, NBC News, NPR, PBS, Reuters, and the Wall Street Journal and now we’re adding Digital Health Today to that esteemed list of media outlets!

You can often find Brennan at major conferences around the world including HIMSS, Connected Health, Exponential Med, Health 2.0 and CES – actually it was CES where I heard him speak for the first time. And now, he’s founded a new conference call Virtual Medicine which was held last week at Cedars-Sinai Medical Center in Los Angeles. It was the first international symposium dedicated to medical virtual reality. Tickets were sold out for this debut event, and if you weren’t there, fear not, because in true pioneering fashion, Brennan worked with the team over at Samsung to get the event filmed and streamed live in 360 – the recordings aren’t up yet, but you can grab your goggles and transport yourself back in time and over to Los Angeles and watch the event as if you were there. Find the videos when they go live at

Today’s Topics:

  • What patients experience in biopsychosocial jail cells
  • How immersive technologies can nudge users in interesting ways
  • How VR can liberate patients from the confines of the hospital
  • Whether, when and how to use VR
  • How users’ response varies based on the user’s age
  • The response of payors and providers to the use of VR in therapy
  • Insight into the inaugural VirtualMedicine.Health Conference
  • Brennan’s talent and accomplishments as a beat boxer and vocal percussionist

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