S2: #011: iHealth Labs – Making Works of Art that Help You Stay Healthy

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S2: #011: iHealth Labs – Making Works of Art that Help You Stay Healthy

Designing Products for Today with an Eye on the Future
August 23, 2016

S2: #011: iHealth Labs – Making Works of Art that Help You Stay Healthy

If you’ve searched for connected health devices in an Apple Store or on Amazon, you’ll see a familiar brand there among the choices. iHealth Labs is a pioneer in the personal mobile health revolution. In 2011, they launched the very first mobile-app enabled blood pressure device. In 2012, they launched the first wireless blood pressure monitor and in 2013, they launched a wireless blood glucose monitor. iHealth was the very first health device to be carried in Apple retail stores, and they’ve been on a roll ever since, leading the way with connected health devices that are stylish and simple to use.

On this episode I spoke with Uwe Diegel, the CEO of iHealth Labs Europe who is based in Paris, France. Uwe a is serial entrepreneur who has started several successful healthcare companies. He has several patents and has taken those designs through to production and commercialization. He is a highly sought after speaker in various aspects of cardiovascular health, and he speaks at conferences around the world to share his vision and experience.

In this episode, we discuss the transition of connected gadgets to connected health, the importance of design in making devices that are easy to use, and the evolution of invisible technologies.

Topics Covered:

– Early tech for the study of cardiovascular health

– The genesis of iHealth products

– The gadgetization of connected health products

– Advances in telemedicine

– Business divisions of iHealth

– Importance of design

– Understanding patient and marketing needs

– The future of design for digital health products

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