S1: #009: Dr Leslie Saxon on Developing a Virtual Care Model that Works

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S1: #009: Dr Leslie Saxon on Developing a Virtual Care Model that Works

Exploring Virtual Care at the USC Keck School of Medicine
July 22, 2016

S1: #009: Dr Leslie Saxon on Developing a Virtual Care Model that Works

During this episode I discuss innovation and virtual care with Dr. Leslie Saxon from the USC Keck School of Medicine. Keck has developed one of the first virtual care clinics and is a prime example of the benefits of digital health innovation.

Dr. Leslie Saxon has worked at a number of institutions besides USC, including UCLA and UCSF. She is an Interventional Cardiologist who specializes in the diagnosis of cardiac arrhythmia. Dr. Saxon also hosts the Body Computing Conference at USC, an event which focuses on innovation in digital health. Today, we discuss her work and how innovation in connectivity has improved her work as an Interventional Cardiologist.

Episode Download:

Information About the Virtual Care Clinic at USC

Today’s Topics:

  • Defining digital health
  • Cost problems in Medicine
  • The Virtual Care ClinicTactics for a virtual clinic
  • Patient engagement
  • Who defines the “team” at the Virtual Care Clinic
  • Designing solutions for consumers/patients
  • How other countries can get involved in the Virtual Care Clinic


“The first thing we had to do was figure out who owns the data from an implanted device in a patient.” –Dr. Leslie Saxon

“The biggest asset any health center has are its medical experts and the ability to extend those experts beyond the walls of an institution…” –Dr. Leslie Saxon

Dr. Saxon’s Recommendations:

Best Advice: Get up and work hard

Recommended book: Middle March by George Elliott

Recommended app: Lose It

Follow: USC Center for Body Computing

Register: Body Computing Conference, Las Vegas, CA, 23 September 2016

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