Is Obesity Really a Disease?

Chasing Life

Is Obesity Really a Disease?

March 12, 2024

Is Obesity Really a Disease?

How much do our genetics determine our destiny when it comes to how much we weigh? Cambridge geneticist Giles Yeo says your genes play a bigger role than you might think. “In casino terms, the house will always win if the die is weighted just a little bit one way versus the other.” On today’s Chasing Life, Professor Yeo, a pioneer in the field of obesity research, joins Dr. Sanjay Gupta to explain his ground-breaking research into why some people are genetically predisposed to eat more, and why it’s still so controversial to classify obesity as a “disease.” Plus, Professor Yeo shares how to treat and prevent obesity, a condition that impacts more than 40 percent of Americans, and counting.

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