Why Medicare Part B Premiums Are Going Down

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Why Medicare Part B Premiums Are Going Down

September 29, 2022

Why Medicare Part B Premiums Are Going Down

Starting in 2023, Medicare Part B premiums are set to decrease for most beneficiaries. While this may seem like good news at first glance, it’s important to understand why the premiums are decreasing.

On this episode of CareTalk, John and David explore the reasons why Medicare Part B premiums will drop in 2023.

(0:36) With the cost of life going up, how much are premiums going up in Medicare?
(1:00) Why are the Medicare Part B premiums dropping in 2023?
(1:48) What does Aduhelm have to do with premiums dropping?
(3:17) What ever happened to Aduhelm?
(3:52) How does Medicare work?
(6:26) Is the drop in Medicare Part B premiums good news?
(9:41) How much will the Medicare Part B premiums decrease?
(13:47) How will the changes in Medicare premiums affect the mid-term elections? 

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