Why Are More Young People Getting Cancer?

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Why Are More Young People Getting Cancer?

April 12, 2024

Why Are More Young People Getting Cancer?

First, it was Olivia Munn, then Kate Middleton. A rash of high-profile people under 50 have been getting cancer and many people are worried.

Is cancer becoming more common among younger adults? And if so, what’s causing the increase?

(0:48) How worried should we be about an increased incidence of cancer among young people?
(3:52) What are the causes of rising cancer rates?
(5:52) What role do environmental factors play in cancer rates?
(12:33) Opioids, addiction, and policy issues
CareTalk is a weekly podcast that provides an incisive, no B.S. view of the US healthcare industry. Join co-hosts John Driscoll (Senior Advisor, Walgreens Health) and David Williams (President, Health Business Group) as they debate the latest in US healthcare news, business and policy.

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