Optimizing Healthcare Mobility with 5G Hybrid Networks with Michael Feld | Executive Feature

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Optimizing Healthcare Mobility with 5G Hybrid Networks with Michael Feld | Executive Feature

February 2, 2024

Optimizing Healthcare Mobility with 5G Hybrid Networks with Michael Feld | Executive Feature

Advanced computing and communications technologies offer tremendous promise for patient care, but turning that promise into reality requires high levels of specialized expertise that health systems just don’t have in-house.

But some hospitals, like Boston’s Children’s –seem to have figured it out. How do they do it?

(0:44) Tracing the career of Pixel Health CEO Michael Feld
(3:09) The structure and symbolism of Pixel Health
(9:23) What are the current challenges in healthcare and what role does technology play in addressing them?
(11:03) Pixel Health’s involvement with Boston Children’s Hospital
(18:08) What is the promise of 5G in healthcare?
(21:22) What is a hybrid 5G network?
(25:51) How will privacy and security be affected by these hybrid networks?
(31:12) What comes next for the healthcare industry, Pixel Health and technology

Caretalk Executive Features is a series where we spotlight innovative companies and leaders working to advance the healthcare field.

As a Founder of the company, Michael has provided telecommunications leadership, IT consulting, and engineering support for healthcare providers, telecommunications carriers, as well as mid and large-sized businesses for more than two decades. A recognized innovator in the field, he has managed the company’s meteoric growth and remained on the bleeding edge of technology innovation, while maintaining his unique “personal” touch to client relationships.

As interim CTO for the University of Chicago Medicine, former CTO at Temple University Health System, and as Executive Consultant to Baystate Health and Lancaster General Health System, Michael has been central to the roll-out of modern, foundational technologies such as hyper-converged architecture, desktop virtualization, VoIP/unified communications, advanced storage, and the networking infrastructure needed to support EMR deployment. His significant IT and management experience outside the medical world has allowed clients to utilize proven and successful technologies and designs in a medical context, further increasing financial and operational efficiency, total systems availability and resilience, and overall improvements in clinical performance.

Pixel Health brings original and effective technology solutions to transform health systems nationwide. The company traces its roots to 2001, when founders Michael Feld and Greg Pellerin partnered to create a technology consulting firm with the goal of simplifying technology, and empowering clients to drive IT transformation for the betterment of the organization.

Since then, our company found a niche in successfully helping to transform health systems and has developed into a leading healthcare-focused consultancy and managed services provider dedicated to offering customized solutions to meet a health system’s unique needs. Our passion is to develop and implement processes and technologies that make the delivery of care better for patients and providers alike. 

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