From Farm Bill to FDA: The Legal Landscape of CBD with Michael C. Barnes | Executive Feature

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From Farm Bill to FDA: The Legal Landscape of CBD with Michael C. Barnes | Executive Feature

December 14, 2023

From Farm Bill to FDA: The Legal Landscape of CBD with Michael C. Barnes | Executive Feature

CBD-based products are everywhere, and many customers swear by them. But the market is largely unregulated, leaving consumers in the dark about product purity, safety, and effectiveness.

Congress recently took a first step, authorizing a regulatory framework to address public health while maintaining access.

What should the federal role be? When should states get involved? And what does the 2018 Farm Bill have to do with it?

(00:53) CBD vs THC 
(01:50) Safety Concerns
(02:54) Evidence of Effectiveness
(03:55) Hemp vs Marijuana
(05:55) Novel Cannabinoids   
(07:52) Consumer Protection
(09:45) Impact on States
(11:19) Marketing to Children
(13:39) Dosing Concerns
(15:53) Women Legislators Resolution
(18:02) Federal Legislation Role
(21:09) State Regulations Role
(23:38) 2018 Farm Bill Issues
(26:41) Legal Challenges
(29:12) Industry Growth Issues

Caretalk Executive Features is a series where we spotlight innovative companies and leaders working to advance the healthcare field.

Michael C. Barnes is the managing attorney for Sequel Health Law. He serves as counsel to Aimed Alliance, a not-for-profit health policy organization. Barnes counsels boards and management teams of public and private companies on business strategy, law, legislation, and regulation to advance market entry and expansion, revenue, and social responsibility objectives. His practice centers heavily on health and drug law and policy with emphasis on opioid and other controlled medications, cannabinoids, substance use disorders, and pain management. Barnes is also Chairman of the Center for U.S. Policy, a not-for-profit organization advancing solutions to the nation’s drug poisoning crisis.
Barnes is an advocate for individual rights and innovative responses to some of the top policy issues in the U.S., including substance use disorder and mental health, access to health care, justice reform, and privacy. He has provided legal, political, and issue analysis for national news networks, including  CNBC, CNN, FOX Business, FOX News, and MSNBC.
Barnes was a political appointee under President George W. Bush, having served as confidential counsel in the White House Office of National Drug Control Policy. He obtained his Juris Doctor degree from George Mason University School of Law.
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