Episode #136 – TED Speaker, Juan Enriquez, on Technology, Genome & Healthcare

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Episode #136 – TED Speaker, Juan Enriquez, on Technology, Genome & Healthcare

April 19, 2022

Episode #136 – TED Speaker, Juan Enriquez, on Technology, Genome & Healthcare

Juan Enriquez – academic, businessman, TED Speaker…CareTalk Guest?! Juan Enriquez joins the show to discuss everything from the impact of technology on human life, to the “age of genetic wonder.” This is one discussion you won’t want to miss.

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About Juan Enriquez:
A broad thinker, Juan Enriquez bridges disciplines to build a coherent look ahead. He is the managing director of Excel Venture Management, a life sciences VC firm. He cofounded the company that made the world's first synthetic life form and seed funded a company that may allow portable brain reading.

Enriquez's book, RIGHT/WRONG: How Technology Transforms Our Ethics, shows why we should be a little less harsh in judging our peers and ancestors and more careful in being dead certain that what we do today will be regarded as ethical tomorrow. In 2015, he published Evolving Ourselves: How Unnatural Selection and Nonrandom Mutation Are Shaping Life on Earth with Steve Gullans. The book describes a world where humans increasingly shape their environment, themselves and other species.

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