Episode #118 – Jessica DaMassa & Matthew Holt: Omicron & Other Variants

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Episode #118 – Jessica DaMassa & Matthew Holt: Omicron & Other Variants

November 30, 2021

Episode #118 – Jessica DaMassa & Matthew Holt: Omicron & Other Variants

Jessica Damassa and Matthew Holt, hosts of the Health in 2 Point 00 Podcast, join the show to discuss the Omicron variant, high digital health company valuations, climate change and much, much more.

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About Jessica Damassa:
Jessica Damassa is the Exec. Producer and host of ‘WTF Health – What’s the Future, Health?', an interview series taking her around the world to 17 different health tech conferences in 11 different countries to continue her quest of asking everyone everywhere about the future of health – and what is wrong with it right now. She also co-hosts the podcast Health in 2 Point 00, which airs on The Health Care Blog with editorial commentary and analysis on the latest stories shaping the health tech market.

About Matthew Holt:
Matthew Holt has spent many years in health care as a researcher, forecaster, and strategist. He has conducted in-depth studies about many aspects of health care for public release and private clients. He is the founder of The Health Care Blog, where he publishes his analysis and opinions about health care. He is also the co-host of the Health in 2 Point 00 podcast.

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