Black Mental Health: Healing The Invisible Ache w/ Courtney B. Vance

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Black Mental Health: Healing The Invisible Ache w/ Courtney B. Vance

March 22, 2024

Black Mental Health: Healing The Invisible Ache w/ Courtney B. Vance

Talking about mental health is no longer taboo, but somehow Black men are still left out of the conversation. Enter Emmy Award-winning actor, Courtney B. Vance whose book The Invisible Ache: Black Men Identifying their Pain and Reclaiming Their Power seeks to change that. 

Courtney wants to revolutionize mental health in the Black community. Can it be done? And if so, how?

(3:38) Enduring the journey of black men
(7:12) Lack of trust in the healthcare system in the black community
(10:48)The challenge of prostate cancer screening in the African-American community
(14:24) Shame as a barrier to healing
(16:56) What would revolutionize mental health in the black community?
(21:18) Discovering the power of dreams 
(25:50) Healing with faith 
(29:29) Admitting the need for help

CareTalk is a weekly podcast that provides an incisive, no B.S. view of the US healthcare industry. Join co-hosts John Driscoll (President U.S. Healthcare and EVP, Walgreens Boots Alliance) and David Williams (President, Health Business Group) as they debate the latest in US healthcare news, business and policy. 

Courtney B. Vance is an award-winning actor with a prolific career in film and television. He began his career with roles in movies such as Hamburger Hill, The Hunt for Red October, and The Preacher’s Wife. Vance has also had success on television, starring in shows such as The People vs. O.J. Simpson: American Crime Story, Lovecraft Country, and Genius: Aretha. His acting has been recognized with numerous awards, including two Emmys, a Tony, a Critics Choice Award, and a Black Reel TV Award.

Vance has recently ventured into authorship.  His latest book, co-written with Dr. Robin L. Smith, is titled “The Invisible Ache: Black Men Identifying Their Pain and Reclaiming Their Power.” This book delves into the complexities of mental health for Black men in America. It offers a path towards healing, self-understanding, and achieving mental well-being.

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