2023 Healthcare Predictions

CareTalk Podcast

2023 Healthcare Predictions

December 19, 2022

2023 Healthcare Predictions

 John and David continue our end-of-year tradition by sharing their hot takes and predictions for healthcare in 2023. 

Will staffing shortages come to an end? Will virtual-first primary become a reality? Will Medicare Advantage lose its luster?

 Big topics. Bigger predictions. Join us as we end 2022 with a bang!

(02:18) Will virtual healthcare be the future of care?
(03:47) Will healthcare staffing shortages come to an end?
(05:20) Will Medicare Advantage going to lose its luster?
(07:52) Will value based care continue to make advances?
(10:10) Will home healthcare become even more important?
(12:19) Will private equity and venture capital move into the spotlight?
(15:26) Will artificial intelligence take over healthcare in 2023?
(18:12) How will retail healthcare fare in 2023?
(20:59) Will 2023 be an aggressive political year for healthcare?

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