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ZS Associates presents: Opportunities and challenges for pharma – healthtech partnerships

Pharma & Healthtech partnerships have great potential. But delivering on thesepartnerships brings hurdles and challenges. From misaligned expectations to differences in culture and communication, it can be hard for the two worlds to find effective collaboration. Hear from Ameya Phadke, PhD. Patients Non-Pharma Solutions Leader at Chiesi Pharmaceuticals and Dennis Hermann, Head of Europe at Kaia Health discuss their partnership, as well as Dan Weinstein, Associate Principal at ZS Associates describe broader trends.
November 7, 2023

HIMSSCast: CMS final rule on minimum nursing home staffing levels is due out after the comment period closes on November 6.

The mandate could have a detrimental effect on providers who can’t meet staffing levels, says Lee Hudson Teslik, founder and CEO of Reverence.
November 3, 2023

HIMSSCast: The move to value is creating system change

Clinical decision support is needed to handle the avalanche of data and to advance value-based care, says Yaw Fellin, VP of Products and Solutions for Wolters Kluwer Health’s Clinical Effectiveness team.
October 27, 2023

Carahsoft presents: Observing tomorrow’s cyber criminals with the global standard for centralized log management

Prophecy International is an Australian based, publicly traded corporation thatstarted in the early ‘80’s. For over 40 years, Prophecy’s ever-evolving focuscontinues to bring reliable, secure, and trustworthy software solutions tomarkets across the globe. In the early 2000’s, Prophecy acquired its flagshipcyber security product, Snare, which was designed for the Australian military and defense. Snare’s suite of solutions continues to be a market leadingcentralized log management solution which is adopted by large enterpriseorganizations, military & defense, and government agencies through the world.
October 26, 2023

ZS Associates presents: Optimize oncology care with remote patient monitoring

Drug+ care models allow patients to recover at home.
October 24, 2023

HIMSSCast: America’s Physician Groups is “taking responsibility for America’s health.”

Moving forward on value-based care requires the collective weight of employers in these models, says APG President and CEO Susan Dentzer. 
October 20, 2023

ZS Associates presents: Discover the newest digital endpoints and biomarkers

Challenges and considerations for pharma and device companies.
October 17, 2023

HIMSSCast: Making strides on post-acute care coordination with SDOH

While whole person care depends upon secure portability, there are three pathways to consider, according to Dr. Ben Zaniello, chief medical officer of PointClickCare.
October 13, 2023
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HIMSSCast is a podcast produced by the HIMSS Media editorial team behind Healthcare IT News, MobiHealthNews, and Healthcare Finance News.

In each episode, hear from one or more of the brands and/or special guests from around the health tech industry to discuss major news stories or trends in the space. The aim of the show is to add depth, analysis, and color to our ongoing coverage of the digital health, health tech, and healthcare finance realms, as well as to facilitate lively conversations about hot health tech topics.

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