Transitioning to Truth: Embracing Authenticity in Career and Life

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Transitioning to Truth: Embracing Authenticity in Career and Life

January 24, 2024

Transitioning to Truth: Embracing Authenticity in Career and Life

Have you ever felt trapped in your career, sensing a need for change but unsure where to begin? Have you felt a nudge to make a career change but fear holds you back?

Yep, I’ve been there. 

Making a major shift in your work can be daunting, but ignoring calls for change won’t make them go away. In a world where career transitions are increasingly common yet daunting if you are feeling the pull towards change but held back by uncertainty and fear, or if you are aware of an immanent push, this episode, EP92, is for you. My guest is Regina Sih-Meynier PharmD, an intuitive business strategist and life coach, who’s worked in healthcare, medical affairs, and in independent medical education in high-profile pharmaceutical companies. Way back in 2020, Regina was on the podcast and talked about how to create education content that supports authentic empowerment and transformational learning. 

Today she’s offering guidance and inspiration for anyone in CME/CPD considering or facing a major career change. She shares her transformative journey from feeling stifled in the pharmaceutical industry to discovering her true calling. 

So get ready to:

  1. Learn how to recognize the signs of transition that are pointing you to a needed change.
  2. Use practical tools for making decisions and navigating career transitions, including a five-step framework, that will help you map your fears and flip limiting narratives that are holding you back from unlocking your potential—the theme of 2024’s annual conference of the Alliance for Continuing Education in the Health Professions.
  3. Gain a framework for aligning decisions to your authentic self, not just ego fears.

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What steps can you take today?

Here are my takeaways and steps you can take to embrace authenticity in your career and life. 

1. Embrace the Pause and Practice Reflection. Taking time to be still and reflect can provide clarity and insight, helping you recognize when and why you need a change in your professional life.

2. Your Body Intelligence is a Decision-Making Resource. Incorporating simple mindful, meditative, or breathing practices can lead to greater clarity and alignment with your authentic self.

3. Five-Step Approach to Decision Making. Regina detailed a five-step approach for making successful life and career decisions: getting clarity, identifying key players, addressing fears, amplifying your authentic voice, and taking aligned action. There are links in the show notes to tools for a structured approach to navigate career transitions mindfully. 


Time Stamps

  • (03:05) – Signs that it’s time for a career transition
  • (08:12) – Tools and practices to tune into your inner voice
  • (13:01) – Regina’s guidance if you are hearing that voice but are locked into fear
  • (19:04) – Practical tools to move from fear to safety
  • (21:52) – A universal struggle of overcoming fear and self-limiting thoughts
  • (24:10) – How her tools apply if you have been pushed out
  • (31:56) – Regina’s 5 steps to making successful career and life decisions
  • (38:03) – First step in a career change
  • (44:37) – Key takeaways you can take to embrace authenticity in your career and life

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