The Future of Learning is Sound: Podcasts in Continuing Healthcare Education

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The Future of Learning is Sound: Podcasts in Continuing Healthcare Education

November 28, 2022

The Future of Learning is Sound: Podcasts in Continuing Healthcare Education

We’re getting a little meta here on Write Medicine—this is a podcast episode on the value of podcasts 😉

Did you know that podcasts are increasing in popularity in continuing healthcare education?

As I was researching this episode, I was astounded to see the enormous growth in the number of continuing education podcasts, and the number of clinicians using podcasts as part of their formal and informal learning. As of 2019, the last year for which I could find figures, there were 200 medical podcasts available online covering 19 specialties and almost 14,000 episodes

And while many podcasts now offer CME and maintenance of certification credits through organizations like the American College of Physicians and the Society of Hospital Medicine, they are still relatively under-used as a CME format.

On this episode of Write Medicine I talk with Mike Donoghue, an enthusiastic podcast consumer who co-founded  ConveyMED after recognizing that podcasts offer a great way to learn. As he put it (paraphrasing , when your eyes are busy, your mind is free. 

We talk about how the ConveyMED platform delivers a novel podcast experience combining visual images alongside an audio experience, and touch on the challenges in setting up a podcast. ConveyMED partners with medical associations to provide content expertise and guides the design process to ensure a self-directed experience that includes: 

  • Conversational style discussions between experts
  • Problem-centered content 
  • Material that is framed into short, accessible modules 

As Mike explains, 

This is how the mobile generation wants their content. So if you’re an association, an academic medical centre, or another content creator and you’re not doing podcasts, I would highly encourage you to think about it.

Connect with Mike: [email protected]

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