The AI Revolution: How Generative Models are Transforming CME/CPD Content Creation

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The AI Revolution: How Generative Models are Transforming CME/CPD Content Creation

November 29, 2023

The AI Revolution: How Generative Models are Transforming CME/CPD Content Creation

Show Notes

Are you angsting over the potential impact of generative AI on your work? Are you hyper-dialed into ethical considerations around the potential for copyright infringement, data ownership, and authorship when using generative AI tools like ChatGPT? Whatever your questions or concerns are about generative AI, this technology is poised to transform how we create continuing education content for health professionals. 

Today’s episode is the first in a 2-part series of episodes that focus on writing, reasoning, and the ethical considerations surrounding generative AI. My guest is Núria Negrao, a medical writer specializing in CME/CPD and a generative AI enthusiast who’s been playing with ChatGPT since it burst onto the horizon in 2022.

We review different ways to use gen-AI tools like Bing and Bard for tasks like summarization and identifying key points, and touch on copyright issues, using OpenAI’s API, and how to use gen-AI to create formulas that support scientific writing. And we also explore the value of bringing a human perspective and cultural knowledge into the writing and content creation process and the potential benefits and legal challenges of using AI tools, like ChatGPT. 

Time Stamps:

(03:30) – Introducing Núria

(07:06) – The questions she was tinkering with and asking in the early phases of Generative AI

(10:10) – Her thoughts on navigating the GenAI landscape for beginners

(12:50) – Practical use cases of Generative AI implementation

(17:18) – Handling the client conversation around using GenAI

(22:50) – Listener Question: Around legal and ethical implications for submitting your own text for analysis by generative AI

(29:11) – Exploring the dangers of using Generative AI as our collaborators 

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API = application programming interface

About Guest

Núria is a medical writer in the continuing education field. Núria brings her scientific training as well as her vast experience in teaching effective science and medical communication to every project, helping craft engaging and effective educational experiences that support, inspire, and motivate learners.

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