Story Intelligence: Enabling Learning through the Powers of Story

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Story Intelligence: Enabling Learning through the Powers of Story

November 15, 2021

Story Intelligence: Enabling Learning through the Powers of Story

We tell ourselves stories in order to live, as Joan Didion wrote in The White Album

We talk a lot about the importance of story on this podcast, and about storytelling as a portal to learning. In today’s episode, we get to learn from a storytelling master. 

Rick Stone, CEO of StoryWork International, has spent a lifetime crafting stories in many sectors, including healthcare. He is the co-creator of StoryCare, a web-based product to help healthcare organizations improve patient safety and support team-based health professional education. He also created the Living Stories program for Novant Health, which supports patients in telling their life stories in service of improving their health outcomes. 

Rick is the co-author of Story Intelligence: Master Story, Master Life. I think you are in for a treat in this episode. Our conversation touched on:

  • The role of literature and art in cultivating empathy in medical professionals
  • The power of emotional intelligence
  • The narrative structure of the brain and how story is a powerful reagent to rewire the brain and help us learn new perspectives and points of view
  • The difference between case studies and stories 

Story Intelligence
The Healing Art of Storytelling 
Every Patient Tells a Story
Columbia University Narrative Medicine Program
Howard Gardner at Harvard
Mark Nepo
7000 Ways to Listen
Johnny Moses
Ronald Epstein
Paula Underwood
Peter Pappas
Sam Magill

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