Self-Efficacy and Confidence in Behavior-Driven CME/CE Outcomes

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Self-Efficacy and Confidence in Behavior-Driven CME/CE Outcomes

November 15, 2023

Self-Efficacy and Confidence in Behavior-Driven CME/CE Outcomes

Show Notes

If you’re a continuing medical education provider, do you ever feel as though your approach to outcomes measures could use some spice? Do you wonder what are we missing when we don’t include process measures in outcomes evaluation? Or when you are working on outcomes measurement, analysis, and crucially, writing that outcomes report, do you find yourself wondering how to use confidence as an indicator of behavior change, or where self-efficacy fits into the outcomes mix?

That’s our focus today with Katie Lucero PhD, Vice President, Audience, Analytics, Outcomes & Insights at Medscape. We’re also talking about frameworks for behavior change, user experience in learning, and the meaning of confidence and self-efficacy as education outcome measures. 

Today’s episode is the first in a 2-part series of episodes that focus on outcomes evaluation that dig into questions like the significance of self-reported confidence, competence, intent or commitment to change, the value of using claims data and digital footprint to study practice change at scale, and asking open-ended questions for qualitative data.

Time Stamps:

(02:44) – Introducing Katie

(06:36) – Digging into process and outcomes evaluation in program evaluation

(08:03) – Exploring process measures in outcomes evaluation

(09:20) – What kind of checks and markers to be thinking about

(11:05) – Katie’s thoughts on success metrics with pre and post-test scores

(15:30) – Importance of user experience when thinking about outcomes

(19:07) – Self-efficacy important for behavior change

(23:03) – Considerations for measuring confidence

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Lucero KS, Williams B, Moore DE Jr PhD. The Emerging Role of Reinforcement in the Clinician’s Path from Continuing Education to Practice. J Cont Ed Health Prof. Nov 14, 2023.

Alliance Podcast. ‘Assessing Assessments.’ Jim Morgante, PhD

Assessing Assessments: Are your questions any good? Alliance Annual Conference, 2023. Jason Olivieri, MPH, Jim Morgante, PhD

About Katie

As Vice President at Medscape, Katie leads content marketing, analytics, outcomes & insights. Katie previously was PI and lead evaluator on federal grants and local contracts, directed QI-CME and health outcomes studies, and evaluated public health programs at the CDC. Katie was named 2020 Brian P. Russell CME Professional of the Year. She earned a PhD at Auburn University in Human Development.

Connect with Katie

email: [email protected]


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