Season 5 Finale: 3 Steps to Boost Your Foundational CME Knowledge

Write Medicine

Season 5 Finale: 3 Steps to Boost Your Foundational CME Knowledge

July 24, 2023

Season 5 Finale: 3 Steps to Boost Your Foundational CME Knowledge

Welcome to the season finale of the Write Medicine podcast!

Today’s episode was supposed to be live on LinkedIn, but we encountered some tech hiccups linking to LinkedIn Live. Fret not! We recorded the episode for you, and it’s available right here and on your favorite podcast platforms. We’re looking forward to our first live episode, which we’ve rescheduled for the opening of Season 6 on August 30.

Launched 2 1/2 years ago, Write Medicine has evolved into the go-to podcast for professionals in the continuing medical education/continuing education for health professionals (CME/CE) field, packed with insightful interviews about the intricacies of designing and delivering health professional education. Thanks to listeners like you, Listen Score ranks Write Medicine as one of the top 10% most popular shows out of over 3 million podcasts worldwide.

Season 5 was packed with interviews featuring professionals from diverse backgrounds, to explore topics such as outcomes analysis, needs assessments, and diversity. Expect an exciting lineup in Season 6,  including experts from online learning, instructional design, and niche topics such as the climate impact of digital content creation.

Season 5 has been a joy, and we’re excited about the road ahead. Don’t forget to grab our WriteCME Roadmap bundle, specially crafted for medical writers. And if you have questions or topics you’d love us to cover in Season 6, reach out using the survey below.


  • WriteCME Roadmap
  • What questions do you want the show to answer? Ask here
  • Howson A. Practical Strategies for Creating CME/CE Content: Insights From Adult Learning Scholarship. AMWA Journal. 2023, 38(2). 

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