Robust Outcomes Frameworks for Effective CME/CE

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Robust Outcomes Frameworks for Effective CME/CE

March 22, 2023

Robust Outcomes Frameworks for Effective CME/CE

The CME/CE field has increased its focus on outcomes over the last decade. As a result, outcomes reports now involve a more bespoke process, showcasing more detailed targeted data presented in a visually appealing way.

Angelique Vinther CHCP is an independent data and outcomes consultant who has specialized in IME reporting for 14 years.  She focuses primarily on data collection and analysis methodologies, test question-writing best practices, and reports that communicate clear messaging and data transparency. 

In today’s episode of Write Medicine, we discuss best practices that education providers can use to evaluate the effectiveness of their CME/CE programs and how to use outcomes to inform decision-making. We explore solutions to education providers’ main challenges in developing robust outcomes frameworks, like establishing an efficient process that allows time to evaluate the quality of feedback and think creatively about activity design.

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