Grab Your Green Pen: Medical Writing Insights From Sarah Nelson

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Grab Your Green Pen: Medical Writing Insights From Sarah Nelson

September 1, 2023

Grab Your Green Pen: Medical Writing Insights From Sarah Nelson

Sarah Nelson PhD is a medical writer and founder of Green Pen Solutions Ltd. She is a leading mentor and trainer for medical writers all over the world. Her mission is to encourage more medical writers into Medcomms and help them create a sustainable career path that builds on their personal strengths.

Sarah’s wide-ranging knowledge comes from over 17 years as a medical writer, her experience leading large editorial teams, and from mentoring writers in over 20 agencies across the medcomms industry.

In today’s episode, we focus on the importance of training for medical writers, medical writing tests, Sarah’s five pillars of medical writing, and the impact of artificial intelligence in medcomms. We also touch on the differences between Medcomms in general and the specific requirements of accredited CME/CE, at least in the United States.

Green Pen Solutions
Green Pen Solutions
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For more specific information on how CME/CE is changing in Europe and in the UK, check out episode 55 with Eugene Poznak of the European CME forum.

Training and Mentorship
➡️ Sarah is hosting a brand new medical writing course with coaching. Now you can elevate your medical writing career with Sarah’s industry-leading expertise through the exclusive Agency Ready program. Courses include comprehensive training and coaching packages, all designed to get you ready to launch the next phase of your medical writing career.

➡️  Take advantage of a special offer in September, saving you over £300 on the cost of enrolment on the Foundations of Excellence training course plus one of only 8 spots in the last Agency Ready coaching group of 2023.

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