Evolving CME/CE with Outcomes Reports

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Evolving CME/CE with Outcomes Reports

February 1, 2023

Evolving CME/CE with Outcomes Reports

Providers of accredited education for health professionals need to demonstrate that education activities have changed learner behavior and healthcare quality for the better. 

One of the best ways to show positive change is via outcomes reports. In episode 39 of Write Medicine, Medical Writer and Certified CME Professional Andrew Bowser ELS, CHCP talks about outcomes. Andy is the owner and lead developer with IconCME, a content development and consulting firm in Philadelphia. We discuss the format of reports, who the audiences are for outcomes reports, and how the results can help education evolve and improve. 

Andy describes the evolution of CME, outlines Moore’s Outcomes Framework for evaluating outcomes, and explores the increasing oversight of what constitutes accredited CME. We discuss the importance of narrative and telling a story within outcomes reporting and he recommends using visual cues to simplify the design and improve comprehension. 

He says, “there’s a lot of interesting and creative ways you can portray the data and help people comprehend the outcomes of an activity.”

The following acronyms are mentioned in our conversation. 

  • CME = Continuing Medical Education
  • CE = Continuing Education
  • CPD = Continuing Professional Development

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