Design Thinking in Clinician Education

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Design Thinking in Clinician Education

February 14, 2021

Design Thinking in Clinician Education

My conversation today is with Dr. Andrew Chacko, a psychiatrist and leader in healthcare innovation. Andrew uses his medical experience to teach others how to become design thinkers using cognitive, strategic and practical processes by which design concepts (proposals for new products, buildings, machines, etc.) are developed. He is passionate about transforming healthcare into the vital, rewarding, and life-changing practice that it can be for patient, provider, and support professionals alike.

Show Notes/Highlights

[04:43] – Design thinking applied to problems in healthcare.

[09:37] – Design thinking and problems caused for healthcare by COVID-19.

[14:16] – How does design thinking get systems (and leaders within) to start thinking about the people who support those systems?

[19:10] – The synergy between design thinking and other ongoing healthcare initiatives e.g., CME/CPD. 

[31:18] – The application of design thinking to clinician education.

Where to connect with Andrew



Here’s the Medium story Andrew mentioned.

Articles on Design Thinking in Medical Education

Sandars J, Goh P-S. Design Thinking in Medical Education: The Key Features and Practical Application. J Med Ed Curr Devel. 2020.

Gottlieb M, Wagner E, Wagner A, et al. Applying Design Thinking Principles to Curricular Development in Medical Education.

McLaughlin J, Wolcott MD, Hubbard D, et al. A qualitative review of the design thinking framework in health professions education. BMC Medical Education. 2019;19(98):






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