Busting Silos: The Evolution of Independent Medical Education

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Busting Silos: The Evolution of Independent Medical Education

May 15, 2024

Busting Silos: The Evolution of Independent Medical Education

Are you curious about the role of Medical Affairs in Independent Medical Education (IME)? Perhaps you’re struggling to demonstrate the value and impact of your programs in a way that resonates with IME teams.

IME is evolving. Today’s episode with IME expert Nancy Paynter discusses the pivotal role of IME within the broader scope of medical affairs and provides valuable insights to help you effectively communicate your initiative’s impact to IME personnel.

By tuning in, you’ll discover:

  1. The concept of the “scientific journey” for clinicians 
  2. How IME is focused on digitizing data on clinical and patient decision-making
  3. What the evolution of IME within Medical Affairs means for CME/CPD.

Don’t miss this opportunity to gain a deeper understanding of the evolving role of IME and medical affairs and their strategic priorities.


1. Independent Medical Education is becoming more closely integrated with medical affairs, aligning with broader organizational goals and cross-functional partnerships.

2. Medical affairs teams use the four-stage “scientific journey” framework to plan their engagement strategies and meet clinicians where they are in their understanding and adoption of new evidence. The stages include Awareness, Agreement, Adoption, and Advocacy.

3. CME can support the scientific journey while maintaining independence by conducting root cause analyses of practice and care gaps, employing data-driven strategies, and adapting educational materials based on real-time feedback and learner outcomes. By doing so, CME is well-positioned to serve as a strategic partner to IME in driving meaningful educational outcomes.


Medical Affairs Professional Society (MAPS)

Industry reports from McKinsey and Deloitte discuss the evolving role of Medical Affairs

Moore’s Outcomes Framework

Connect with Nancy Paynter, Strategic Adviser, Life Science Industry

[email protected]


00:00 Introduction

01:56 What medical affairs is and how it’s evolving

05:58 Understanding Independent Medical Education (IME)

10:48 Transformation in IME work within medical affairs

19:20 Pharma company thinking about the scientific journey and how accredited CME can support it

23:12 Use of Moore’s framework in medical education

28:10 How CME can partner with medical affairs

30:48 Accredited CME professionals communicating touch points with IME counterparts

33:09 Nancy’s final thoughts

37:39 Key takeaways from episode 118

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