Balancing Body Maintenance for Medical Writers

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Balancing Body Maintenance for Medical Writers

February 22, 2023

Balancing Body Maintenance for Medical Writers

Sedentary lifestyles pose significant well-being challenges to western cultures. For example, prolonged periods at a desk affect posture, mental and physical health, and stress levels. Those of us working in continuing medical education and continuing education for health professionals are no exception to these risks and we can all benefit from a proactive approach to injury prevention. 

Eva Stabenow, a medical writer and German translator specializing in health and wellness communication, shares her insights with us today. After years of searching  Eva found relief from chronic work-related pain by re-patterning her movements with Pilates. When she realized many of her fellow desk workers were facing the same challenges, she set out to help them. Today, in addition to keeping a full-ish writing and translation schedule, she empowers people of all ages and abilities to move better, feel better and live better through targeted 1-1 sessions and affordable online group classes. 

In addition to helping people understand complex health content using plain language, Eva physically conveys her passion for health and health communication by teaching Pilates—a low-impact activity that balances strength with mobility and flexibility, so that you can move more freely and with more power. 

We discuss the following topics:

✔️ Who benefits from Pilates, and what are those benefits
✔️ Preconceptions of flexibility, mobility, and strength training
✔️ What to look for in a Pilates instructor
✔️ Pilates role in bridging the gap between physical therapy and return to regular workouts


Connect with Eva
You can find and follow her at Sunroom Pilates.
email: [email protected]

Message Eva and mention this podcast to try a free class!

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