Age Like Royalty with Dr. Nakeisha Rodgers

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Age Like Royalty with Dr. Nakeisha Rodgers

May 8, 2022

Age Like Royalty with Dr. Nakeisha Rodgers

My guest,  Dr. Nakeisha is a dual board Internist and Geriatrician, best-selling author, and national speaker from the beautiful island of the Bahamas. She is the daughter of two retired educators whose love for the classroom shaped her own passion for teaching.

She has over a decade of experience caring for hundreds of complex geriatric patients with multiple medical needs.  Through her books, dynamic in-person and virtual workshops, and online educational resources, she equips medical professionals with the tools needed to help savvy seniors age like royalty.

Dr. Nakeisha earned her Associate’s Degree in Biochemistry from the University of the Bahamas. She then completed her Bachelor’s in Biology at Acadia University in Nova Scotia, Canada. She matriculated at the University of West Indies medical school graduating with an MBBS (Bachelor of Medicine and Surgery). She later completed her Internal Medicine Residency at the Yale-New Haven Health Bridgeport Program. She was awarded a Fellowship degree in Geriatrics from the prestigious Harvard Medical School.

She is the CEO of Dr. Nakeisha Rodgers LLC, geared at changing the perception of aging. A creative at heart, Dr. Nakeisha teaches key geriatric principles in a creative, simple format so that medical professionals can provide comprehensive, compassionate geriatric care the Dr. Nakeisha way!

Currently, Dr. Nakeisha has the pleasure and privilege of mentoring the next generation of brilliant minds. She is an Assistant Clinical Professor of Internal and Geriatric Medicine in Florida. To rejuvenate she enjoys spending quality time with her parents and family, listening to music, dancing, and engaging in the creative arts.

In this episode we talk about:

  • Thinking about your career and leadership journey who or what may have been instrumental in that decision?
  • What does a day as a women physician on the frontlines caring for the senior population look like? Whom do you serve? What challenges do you face?
  • Define for us what self-care means to you and what self-care looks like when it comes to being a woman on the front lines and a woman who also is a caretaker?
  • Why is diversity in leadership as it pertains to having more women physicians vital to healthcare? When we look at our current healthcare system and how the lid has been lifted and exposed to healthcare disparities and inequities in the elderly population, especially those of color, how would the ability to retain women in healthcare leadership diversity help reduce those disparities and improve care?
  • What can we do as a healthcare system to support seniors and the aging population and help them age gracefully?
  • How do you find the right balance between doing what’s best for your patient and also making sure that their wishes are respected and listened to?
  • I can recall in practice, having very deep conversations with my elderly patients and gaining so much wisdom; Share 3 life lessons given to you by patients that you can share with us.

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