What’s Your Superpower? Feat. Geoff Constable

When Life Gives You Parkinson’s

What’s Your Superpower? Feat. Geoff Constable

October 12, 2022

What’s Your Superpower? Feat. Geoff Constable

Geoff Constable is a PD Avenger and an Ambassador for the World Parkinson Congress 2023 in Barcelona. We met at the last WPC2019 in Kyoto. Like many of us with YOPD, Geoff’s diagnosis was delayed six years as doctors tried to figure out root issue of his symptoms. In 2008, at the age of 50, he finally was able to put a name to the issues he had, Parkinson’s disease.

Geoff spent his teen years sleeping on friends couches and sometimes living on the street. He earned a degree in Naval Architecture and designed 16 Ships for the Royal Australian Navy and spent countless hours battle testing the ships in extreme conditions. 

At 44-years old he talked to his doctor about onsetting symptoms. It took six years to diagnose him with Young Onset Parkinson’s. He was happy to have a name for it, but bummed because there was no cause, no cure, and no standard disease path. 

Listen to how Geoff took his diagnosis of Parkinson’s and discovered his own superpowers on how to incorporate and accept it. Using his own body as vessel, he put himself through battle testing and discovered he was capable of far more than he or his doctors believed possible. 

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