Ending Parkinsons

When Life Gives You Parkinson’s

Ending Parkinsons

In this episode of When Life Gives You Parkinson’s, I talk with Professor of Neurology Ray Dorsey, MD from University of Rochester and the CEO of the Michael J. Fox…
April 1, 2020

Ending Parkinsons

In this episode of When Life Gives You Parkinson’s, I talk with Professor of Neurology Ray Dorsey, MD from University of Rochester and the CEO of the Michael J. Fox Foundation Todd Sherer, PhD. These are two of the fourth authors behind a new book called, “Ending Parkinson’s Disease, a prescription for action.”

Dorsey, Sherer and co-authors Michael S. Okun, MD at University of Florida and Bastiaan Bloem, MD, PhD of the Netherlands, each approach Parkinson’s disease from a specific point of view. Dorsey is a telehealth and home healthcare advocate who has been using technology to see patients remotely for more than a decade. He directs the Center for Health and Technology, which offers free care to anyone in New York that has Parkinson’s disease. His mission is to offer to anyone, anywhere. Sherer is neuroscientists who was part of a team that found the link between pesticides and Parkinson’s. Okun is a pioneer of surgical treatments for Parkinson’s. Bloem is co-creator of ParkinsonNet, the world’s largest integrated care program for Parkinson’s disease which is customize and individualized networked treatment which can include nutritional advice, physical therapy, occupational therapy, speech therapy, exercise, clever IT, community and hope.

Their book clearly portrays Parkinson’s disease as a formidable antagonist. They describe Parkinson’s as a “man-made pandemic,” which thrives today, doubling the rate of diagnosis every 25 years, with no known cure and not enough urgency to slow the spread.

The authors point to research which suggests Parkinson’s disease was fueled initially by the industrial revolution and continues to be diagnosed at a rate greater than the rates of aging or population growth due to pesticides that attack the nervous systems of bugs (and people), solvents, contaminated well water, and head trauma.

The authors conclude Parkinson’s disease may be man-made. However, just as humans contributed to the rise of Parkinson’s in the nineteenth and twentieth centuries, we can now work together to eradicate the disease. Readers are called to action by focusing on prevention, advocacy, care and treatment. The book concludes with a list of twenty-five concrete steps we can and should take to reduce the worldwide toll of this disease. The list includes banning specific pesticides and solvents, and cleaning up contaminated sites, which will all take vigorously lobbying to the governments of many countries. But there are things they suggest you can do today to reduce your risk of getting Parkinson’s: use a water filter, eat a Mediterranean diet, vigorously exercise for four hours a week, get involved with research, and if you already have Parkinson’s – be loud and share your story.

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