When Home Becomes a Hospital


When Home Becomes a Hospital

March 23, 2023

When Home Becomes a Hospital

The pandemic pushed Medicare to start paying for “hospital-at-home” care for the first time, launching the largest test ever of home-based hospital care. This week, we look at what we’ve learned from the hospital-at-home explosion and questions about home-based care remain unanswered.


Bruce Leff, MD, Director, The Center for Transformative Geriatric Research, Johns Hopkins

David and Melanie Mercurio

Constantinos “Taki” Michaelidis, MD, Medical Director, Hospital at Home Program, UMass Memorial Health

Michelle Mahon, RN, Assistant Director of Nursing Practice, National Nurses United

Nathan Starr, DO, Medical Director for Home Services, Castell; Director of Telehospitalist Program, Intermountain Healthcare

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