Inside Big Health Insurers’ Side Hustle


Inside Big Health Insurers’ Side Hustle

March 31, 2022

Inside Big Health Insurers’ Side Hustle

America’s largest health insurance companies moonlight as obscure middlemen, managing billions in health care spending for many of the country’s biggest employers. What could go wrong?

Join us for a wild, wonky journey into the world of third-party administrators.


Christin Deacon, JD, Senior Vice President, 4C Health Solutions; former Assistant Director, Division of Pension & Benefits, New Jersey Department of Treasury

Brian Hufford, JD, Partner, Zuckerman Spaeder LLP

Ken Janda, JD, Founder, Wild Blue Health Solutions; Adjunct Professor, University of Houston College of Medicine 

Sandy Peters, retiree

Have a look at more of Leslie’s reporting on TPAs.

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