Episode 37: You Need A Facebook Business Page

The Private Medical Practice Academy

Episode 37: You Need A Facebook Business Page

June 8, 2021

Episode 37: You Need A Facebook Business Page

Baby boomers and household decision makers–the target demographic for most medical practices are on Facebook. In other words, your ideal patients are on Facebook right now. That’s why I want to talk to you about why you need a Facebook business page and what you are supposed to do with it.

First, Facebook is free. There’s no charge to create a Facebook business page. All you need is a Facebook account. And it’s quick to get started. There’s not a lot of time and effort required to set it up.

Reasons to have a Facebook Business Page:

  1. You can build your patient community by posting content, engaging with your audience, and sharing. You can share knowledge and expertise that’s unique to your practice and skill set.  This will immediately establish your competence, know-how, and authority as an expert. 
  2. Facebook provides a “voice of the customer”. One of the things that Facebook does is to facilitate communication in many directions…from you to them…from them to others…and from them to you. Listening to this interaction and feedback can really help you understand the needs and wants of your patients. 
  3. Facebook extends your reputation and branding message. 
  4. Facebook boosts search engine visibility and visitor traffic. 
  5. Prospective new patients come from Facebook. 
  6. And of course, Facebook is a great way to keep tabs on the competition. 

What to post on your Facebook Business Page

  1. Communicate how patients can make an appointment to see you,  your hours, address, and any other information that you want patients to have. 
  2. Announcements–closures, practice updates
  3. Share Facts About Your Practice
  4. Highlight You and any other providers you have. 
  5. Provide information about your specialty and services you offer
  6. Use your Facebook page to sharing patient testimonials
  7. Share interesting articles that relate to your specialty

When you should post on Facebook, the best time to post on Facebook is between 12 p.m. and 3 p.m. Monday, Wednesday, Thursday, and Friday, and on Saturday and Sunday between 12 p.m. and 1 p.m. 

Your Facebook Business Page is a great way to communicate with your patients and provides you with free marketing.

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