Episode 32: Why Your Website Is Your Best Marketing Tool

The Private Medical Practice Academy

Episode 32: Why Your Website Is Your Best Marketing Tool

April 27, 2021

Episode 32: Why Your Website Is Your Best Marketing Tool

Your website serves as the central hub for information about your business and  a direct impact on your marketing efforts.  You own your domain name and your website.  Because of this, you control the content and who sees it. 

Do I really need to have a website when first starting out?  Yes! 

  • Even if you are employed you can use your website to provide information.   When you leave your current job, your website still belongs to you and your patients will find you. 
  • Use your website before you open to market–"Coming Soon"
  • Provide information on scheduling and access to  things like your new patient packet with its relevant forms and policies. And
  •  Your website will help you compete with other practices. 

What you need to launch a website:

  • A domain name
  • Verify the domain name you want is available
  • Purchase the domain name and related variations (if possible)
  • Sign up for auto-renew of the domain name
  • Website host service
  • Design the website–either do-it-yourself or outsource

Website tips:

  • Make sure your website is mobile-device friendly
  • Key information conveyed on your home page
  • Easy to navigate content
  • Search engine optimization (SEO)
    • Add a blog
    • Add custom content
  • Regularly update your website

Make sure to claim and verify your local listings in the various search engines like Google, Bing and Yahoo.

After your listing is claimed and verified, you'll need to fill out as much information as possible   to make your listing stand out and improve your chances of showing up in search results. 

  • Add photos of your practice 
  • Add the hours you are open
  • Add a short description about your practice

Once your website is up and running, be sure to tell everyone about it. Put signs up all over your office including in every exam room. Talk about it on your various social media platforms.
In the end, you want to drive any and all potential patients to your website.

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