Breaking the stigma: Using life coaching to navigate chronic disease

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Breaking the stigma: Using life coaching to navigate chronic disease

April 4, 2023

Breaking the stigma: Using life coaching to navigate chronic disease

Join us with guest Kimberly Jackson-Bekemeier, a family physician with a personal story of managing Type 1 diabetes amidst the pandemic. Kimberly shares her journey of struggling with the diagnosis, feeling lost and alone, until she discovered the power of life coaching. She shares how this process allowed her to take control of her emotions and make a choice to live on her own terms, even with a chronic disease.

Kimberly highlights the importance of mental clarity in the medical system and how life coaching provides a space for patients to listen to their thoughts, emotions and facts to ultimately lead to better patient satisfaction and outcomes. Don’t miss this inspiring episode as Kimberly sheds light on the human experience and encourages us to explore the other facets impacting our patients and meet them where they are to help them towards where they’d like to go.

Kimberly Jackson-Bekemeier is a board-certified family physician and founder, Coaching Chronic Disease, LLC. She can be reached on Facebook and Instagram.

She shares her story and discusses her KevinMD article, “A doctor’s journey: Navigating chronic disease and empowerment through life coaching.”

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