Episode 20: My Breath is Always There for Me with Lisa Springer, RN

The Most Important Medicine: Responding to Trauma and Creating Resilience in Primary Care

Episode 20: My Breath is Always There for Me with Lisa Springer, RN

Listen to Lisa Springer's incredible journey from nurse to trauma-informed yoga practitioner.
December 7, 2022

Episode 20: My Breath is Always There for Me with Lisa Springer, RN

Lisa Springer is a nurse, turned trauma-informed yoga practitioner. Listen to her incredible story with Dr. Amy as they explore burnout in healthcare, breath work and how yoga transformed Lisa.

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Lisa has been a nurse since 1992. She worked in Oncology, Hospice and Postpartum. As an adoptee she was fascinated with bonding and after 20 years as a nurse, she took on the role of maternal mental health. She struggled with depression and anxiety and after taking a trauma-informed yoga class, she knew she had to find her biological roots. She now works as a trauma-informed yoga teacher at a Monte Nido with teens and young adults with eating disorders.


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