Episode 18: Honor What You’ve Seen with Dr. Shah-Haque

The Most Important Medicine: Responding to Trauma and Creating Resilience in Primary Care

Episode 18: Honor What You’ve Seen with Dr. Shah-Haque

Dr. Shah-Haque shares her perspective on physician burnout, unrealistic expectations and why practicing medicine can feel like only surviving if you're not careful.
November 23, 2022

Episode 18: Honor What You’ve Seen with Dr. Shah-Haque

Join Dr. Amy & Dr. Shah-Haque as we explore physician burnout, unrealistic expectations of physicians and the survival mentality they often adopt. She’s honest and transparent about boundaries, physician suicide and her commitment to talking openly about barriers to wellness.

Dr. Shah-Haque is a board certified internal medicine physician. She was born and raised in Kansas and attended the University of Kansas School of Medicine. After experiencing burnout herself, and watching colleagues experience burnout, it became a passion of hers to look into root causes of burnout. Dr. Shah-Haque is now the podcast host of The Worthy Physician where she explores physician burnout with colleagues and other experts in the field.


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