Episode 1: Beginning the conversation about trauma-informed care

The Most Important Medicine: Responding to Trauma and Creating Resilience in Primary Care

Episode 1: Beginning the conversation about trauma-informed care

August 3, 2022

Episode 1: Beginning the conversation about trauma-informed care

When you hear the word trauma-informed care, what comes to mind?  Do the words speak to you?  During this short introductory podcast, we join Dr. Amy on the journey that she began many years ago when she first started exploring the world of trauma-informed care and meet her where she is today… making a podcast to help the world better understand. From early discussions surrounding the ACEs study to developing a curriculum and becoming a subject matter expert, Dr. Amy opens up the conversation about trauma-informed care and what it means in our ever-changing world. 

In this episode, we also discuss the vision and makeup for this podcast, which is:

  • A mix of education
  • Guest speakers
  • Elevate voices to be sure we’re always looking at trauma through the lens of equity
  • Spotlight providers working in areas that you might not be as familiar with and, 
  • Every once in a while, I’ll provide a little re-cap because this can be overwhelming work 

Keep listening to people’s stories and let them transform you. Keep sharing your own because your humanity will heal others. 

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