Episode 1: Why Healthcare Provider Happiness Matters

The Healthcare Provider Happy Hour

Episode 1: Why Healthcare Provider Happiness Matters

and What it Means to Be Unapologetic About It
October 13, 2019

Episode 1: Why Healthcare Provider Happiness Matters

October 13, 2019

Episode Highlights: Who I am and my thoughts and experiences on:

  • Why healthcare provider creativity, community, collaboration, and self-care can help boost happiness
  • Why healthcare provider vulnerability should feel safe and professional
  • How healthcare provider shared experiences can enhance connection with patients to unlock their potential to feel self-empowered
  • How to help patients beyond just the physical direct care
  • How a mindset and passion of growth can have mass impact, creating a comprehensive experience
  • Connection, communication, empathy, understanding, and reflection are ways to have a global impact on patient care
  • What the answer to burnout could be despite advances in knowledge and technology – it is to both personally and professionally understand (one cannot exist without the other)
  • The value of professional conflict resolution vs. prevention
  • Refocus on our own personal development to develop resiliency, fulfillment, responsibility, and autonomy
  • Invitation for feedback



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