272: Solocast – Productivity

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272: Solocast – Productivity

April 12, 2021

272: Solocast – Productivity

I have been getting email after email and DM after DM about life hacks for productivity, which prompted me to do a little research! What I found is that you don’t have a productivity issue, you have a time issue.


Women on average spend over 30hrs per week taking care of the household, making meals, and dealing with the needs of the family. Essentially you have a whole other part-time job that you didn’t even realize you had.


Not that I’m saying the men in our lives aren’t helping but on average, even when men are helping, women spend significantly more time taking care of the family. Listen in as I chat all about female specific time constraints and what you can do to take back some of your time.


Are you feeling tired? Of course you are! Your day is significantly more full than your male counterparts’… no matter what industries you both work in!


“The term I’ve been using and a lot of women in the coaching space have been using is the unvisible workload of women.” Dr. Errin Weisman

In this episode:

[00:29] Welcome to another episode of Doctor Me First!

[03:00] I’m sharing some statistics with you about how productive women are.

[05:29] We have to recognize we get tired because we do so much more.

[06:43] When is enough enough? 

[08:18] Successful, balanced and wealthy women intentionally spend their time as much as they intentionally spend their money.

[08:56] The three D’s I want you to remember when it comes to your calendar you are either going to do it, delegate it or delete it.

[09:36] You need to choose you and what’s most important to you and put it in your calendar.

[10:41] A big lesson I’ve learned is that my to do list will never be done.

[11:11] I challenge you to be ruthless with your time.



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