223: Non-Toxic with Dr. Aly Cohen

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223: Non-Toxic with Dr. Aly Cohen

October 19, 2020

223: Non-Toxic with Dr. Aly Cohen

As a rheumatologist who has seen an increase in autoimmune disorders and childhood diseases and disorders, what are you to think when your dog comes down with autoimmune hepatitis? You begin to research what could have caused this disorder. 


For Dr. Aly Cohen this situation led her down a rabbit hole of research that she realized was related to her work in rheumatology. She has since helped to write multiple books on toxicology and the prevalence of the chemicals we use in exacerbating and causing autoimmune disorders. 


Her work has connected her with some of the biggest names in toxicology and she is now on a mission to help others understand how the chemicals we use affect our bodies. Toxic load is real. Dr. Cohen is helping people heal from it.


She is sharing the full story of how she found toxicology and why she is now a firm believer in living as non-toxic a life as possible. It all starts with better understanding the ways in which our government has failed the consumer by protecting manufacturers. 


Listen in to learn more about the toxic world we live in and how you can better protect yourself and your family.


“I was unveiling an enormous amount of information about how we lack oversight and regulation for the majority of chemicals that are, in, on and around us.” Dr. Aly Cohen


In this episode:

[01:55] Welcome to the show, Dr. Aly Cohen!

[02:05] Dr. Cohen shares her background and what she is doing in the world.

[03:23] Dr. Cohen speaks about the textbook she helped write and the guidebook she also wrote.

[04:37] Listen, as Dr. Cohen discusses why she chose the word nontoxic.

[06:43] Dr. Cohen talks about the lack of oversight and regulation for chemicals we come in contact with daily.

[08:30] Even after nine years, she is still freaked out about what she uncovered.

[11:04] The more she wanted to share and educate, the more she realized her medical practice had to change.

[14:20] Dr. Cohen speaks about the reaction she got when she posted ways to make a flu shot safer.

[19:42] Listen, as Dr. Cohen shares how her people can use her book for their families, patients, and themselves.

[23:27] Thank you for being on the show!

[25:22] Errin shares her kick of encouragement.


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