Living Fully: Roxane’s Inspirational Goodbye

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Living Fully: Roxane’s Inspirational Goodbye

April 16, 2024

Living Fully: Roxane’s Inspirational Goodbye

Roxane has been on a nine month journey with pancreatic cancer and now has only days or weeks to live. She explains why she chose to get aggressive treatment early on and later decided to stop treatment and transition to hospice. Roxane’s story and optimistic outlook are uplifting because she is living every moment…while she’s dying.

Key Takeaways

  • Use every living moment wisely. Even if you’re getting aggressive treatment and have hope that cancer treatment will be successful, take advantage of all the time you have. Address the details that give you comfort and control; this will eventually decrease the burden on your family.
  • Hospice is not something to be afraid of. Studies have shown that patients in hospice actually live longer than those with a similar diagnosis who don’t receive hospice care. Unfortunately, over 1/2 of all patients are only in hospice for 17 days or less because patients are referred so late in their illness.

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