131. Yuvo Health: Leveraging Value-based Care in Ohio’s FQHCs

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131. Yuvo Health: Leveraging Value-based Care in Ohio’s FQHCs

September 23, 2023

131. Yuvo Health: Leveraging Value-based Care in Ohio’s FQHCs

On the first episode of the Fall 2023 season, things get wonky with the good people at Yuvo Health and My Community Health Center about how creative approaches to value-based care can improve care delivery at Ohio’s community health centers. Specifically, Yuvo is doing some really exciting work with My Community Health Center in Canton.

Dan talks with Dr. Lora Council, Chief Medical Officer at Yuvo Health; Dr. Sarah Hoehnen, Chief Medical Officer at My Community Health Center; and Loren Anthes, who is Head of External Affairs at Yuvo Health.

For more on Yuvo Health see their website. Connect with Yuvo on LinkedIn

For those new to value-based health care, the role of risk in health care, and other topics discussed on the show, the Commonwealth Fund also has a nice overview of value-based health care. Check it out here.

Some shoutouts on the show:

–      Congrats to Julie DiRossi-King on becoming president and CEO of the Ohio Association of Community Health Centers

–      Learn more about the Health Policy Institute of Ohio’s Health Value Dashboard.

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