The Story of the Knotts – Marriage, a Baby & Starting Businesses #132

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The Story of the Knotts – Marriage, a Baby & Starting Businesses #132

Today’s we’ll be diving into our personal story; Who are the Knotts and how did this all start? Listen in as we talk about our journey and why Physician marketing…
October 13, 2020

The Story of the Knotts – Marriage, a Baby & Starting Businesses #132

Today’s we’ll be diving into our personal story; Who are the Knotts and how did this all start? Listen in as we talk about our journey and why Physician marketing clearly became our calling. 

[00:01 – 11:04] Opening Segment

  • We introduce the topic of today
  • We give a little bit of background of our journey
    • We have been happily married since 2016
    • Started the agency while dating
  • Kelley talks about her background
    • Comes from a healthcare family background
    • Got her first job as a physician liaison 
    • Create a huge network in Atlanta of hundreds of physicians
  • Justin shares about his background
    • Studied Finance and Investments
    • Worked for an early-stage Investment company in Orlando
    • Met Kelley and dive deeper into marketing
  • We shared the story of our first career together
    • Becoming the first physical physician liaison for the first 3 years
    • Handled 5 to 10 different Subs specialty clients

[11:05 – 18:09] The Start of Our Agency Business 

  • Justin uses his entrepreneurial skill to put the ideas into practice
    • Being visionary to see the bigger opportunity 
  • Had people reaching out from all over the country to hire Kelley as a Liaison
  • We took that from a concept perspective to develop into a digital focus agency 
    • Without losing the liaison side
  • Helping practices with an online-offline approach 
  • Kelley was passionate about physician outreach while Justin was taking the range of digital landscape
  • We talk about Physicians Liaison University 
    • Training platform to support physicians liaisons 
    • Physicians Outreach Solution 
  • Kelley talks about  Intrepy Healthcare Marketing
    • The full-service healthcare marketing solution when it comes to digital solutions
  • Justin talks about Kelleys personal brand which is
    • Focused on the thought-leadership and liaison standpoint
    • Healthcare marketing advice
  • We talk about what’s coming out next year in our companies

[18:10 – 27:04] Patient-Centric Marketing Program in Intrepy Healthcare Marketing

  • Justin talks about the Patient-Centric Marketing Program
    • How do we attract, engage and convert patient
  • Helping physicians to connect with patients in better ways
  • Justin talks about the services that we offer especially in the digital marketing side
  • Every service is different based on the sub-specialty of clients
  • We talk about the team members of Intrepy
    • Has won huge awards 
  • The biggest compliment from our clients is how well we know the medical industry 
    • Born out of the experience 

[27:05 – 31:44] Our Contracts with Clients

  • We choose our clients very carefully
  • Develop long term partnerships and affiliations
  • When you partner with us, your property is your property
    • Everything that we develop for you is your property 
  • 6 months contract length to prove our word and values
  • Being transparent about our data

[31:45 – 39:19] Closing Segment

  • Kelley gives some advice for healthcare marketer and partners who works together 
  • Justin shares some realizations about their journey
  • We talk about the big difference since when we started 
  • Final words


Tweetable Quotes:

“A well-connected Physician Liaison who knows the network not only in Physicians Healthcare admin is a physician liaison who gets through the doors.” – Justin and Kelley Knott

“Remember to pick your clients, it’s important that they’ve invested as much as you’ve invested, you don’t have to just say yes to everyone. ” – Justin and Kelley Knott 

“When you’re working with a partner they need to be your support system but they also need to have a skill set that complements your skills.  ” – Justin and Kelley Knott 

“It’s really rewarding to work in Healthcare marketing but we have to be willing to work hard and not be afraid of failing.  ” – Justin and Kelley Knott

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