Episode 13: Ready.Sim.Go.

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Episode 13: Ready.Sim.Go.

Using Simulation to Help Parents of Children with Acute and Chronic Conditions, featuring Carol Rosenberg
April 21, 2022

Episode 13: Ready.Sim.Go.

Early in Carol Rosenberg’s career in pediatric oncology, she remembers when a mom, asking about her daughter, collapsed in her arms, and said: “What if I do something wrong taking care of her? What if I hurt my baby?” It was in this moment Carol knew that more needed to be done to help parents provide in-home care to their children who have acute, chronic, and complex conditions. Starting with her DNP project as a student at the Johns Hopkins School of Nursing, Carol eventually turned her idea into her own company called Ready.Sim.Go. She shares her story on this episode of the podcast.

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