Digital Therapeutics Predictions

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Digital Therapeutics Predictions

How can we improve eye tracking for a more accurate assessment of someone's neurocognitive function? What is someone's likelihood of developing dementia? What's the best treatment for patients with substance…
January 30, 2020

Digital Therapeutics Predictions

How can we improve eye tracking for a more accurate assessment of someone’s neurocognitive function? What is someone’s likelihood of developing dementia? What’s the best treatment for patients with substance abuse disorder or depression that effectively engages them in treating their conditions?

The relatively new field of digital treatments and diagnostics offers valuable answers to critical medical questions such as these. It’s a space where the healthcare industry is currently on the leading edge of change, moving from what was once mere theory and conjecture to rapid change and adoption as these types of technologies become more readily available.

In this episode, three healthcare leaders — David Benshoof Klein, Executive Chairman, President, and Chief Executive Officer at Click Therapeutics, Laura Yecies, former Chief Executive Officer at SyncThink, and Trip Hofer, Chief Executive Officer at AbleTo — explore with host Fritz Heese, a Health & Life Sciences Partner at Oliver Wyman, at the 2019 Oliver Wyman Health Innovation Summit in Chicago why digital therapeutics are on the cusp of becoming mainstream and what specific problems digital treatments may solve within the next five years.

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